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  1. SORRY guys but couple guys already back out and I dont think this will be happening tomorrow. We will try to plan again in the near future.
  2. Honestly these cars are meant to be driven. :lol:
  3. Anybody wanna go for a lunch & cruising this coming Sunday/Aug.3 in South San Diego? Theres a good Hawaiin BBQ place called L&L down by Sweetwater Road in South. So far I have couple O'skoolers coming down. We will be there around 10 to grab some coffee since its right beside Starbucks. LOCATION: http://sandiego.citysearch.com/profile/map/37021102/national_city_ca/l_l_hawaiian_barbeque.html
  5. Sup everyone! Kinda new to this forum but been around with Z's for awhile. Just want to share some pics of my Z. She's been my project for almost 3 years now, 2 years of that I was deployed overseas, but Im glad to say Im 80% done. I enjoyed working on this car and cant wait until shes completely done and running. She's not the prettiest nor the fastest but shes something... Here some photos: I got this car for almost free, she's been sitting inside the garage for almost a century. My first intention was just to make her run. Well as soon as I pulled the seized engine, I decided to paint the engine bay: Now that the engine bay is painted... How about using my V07 that I just pulled from the yard: Engine bay after all the unnecessary add-on's... At this point I realized that the the Z god got me good... really good! friends came buy to visit their grandpa... :D :D
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