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weber air cleaner

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thanks every one for the input


Phlebmaster no,did not get it mounted it yet. got my Allen head bolts, seeing as it is where the fuel runs bought stainless steel.


not this friday but the following AUG. 1st i will be doing a full tune up and mounting the carb.


figure do it all at once. i guess you can say it will be a MPG weekend :)


any other little things that i can do to help the MPG while i am at it please feel free to let me know.

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I would recommend getting everything you need to do your tune up....but I would mount the carb and get it running the way it is first. Then proceed with the tune up.


Don't make too many changes at once!! :D Especially when trying out a different carb...I made that mistake. :eek:


Keep us updated!!

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