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Z-car and 510 Parts. Trans,diffs,blocks,heads,wheels,calipers,turbo moremoremore

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OK So i have all these parts laying around my shop i need gone. i have inherited them so all parts are sold as is


 Buyer pays shipping cost (UPS or USPS)










L-Motor Parts (Z-car)


-N47 Head (complete)              120.00

-E31 Head Bare                          50.00

-E30 Camshaft                            50.00

-L24 Starter                                 40.00

-L24 Alternator                            40.00

-L24 Block (Valve hit #6 Cilnder) 50.00

-L24 Oil pan                                 50.00

-L24 Timing Chain Cover             50.00

-6 Bolt Flywheel                            50.00

-Clutch/Pressure Plate                  30.00

-L24 Valve Cover                          30.00


Other Parts 


240z Gas Tank with Float (missing Float retainer Ring) 70.00

Fuel Vapor Canister     40.00

240z Radiator and cap  40.00

240z 4 speed trans        60.00

240z driveline                 50.00

r180 Diff 3.34 (with axels mustache bar )  120.00

r200 3.34 diff                  70.00

r200 3.54 diff                  70.00

Z-car Oem Strut Top hats 10.00 Each


Datsun 510 Wagon Driveline 80.00

L16 stock header (1971)        35.00

Nissan Sentra SE-R Calipers (need Turned) 80.00

Z-car Center Console (part of) 20.00

L28ET oem Turbo (some shaft play, missing housing bolts) 60.00




Brand: Enkei

Size : 15x6.5+48

Tire Size: 205/50/15

Tire Brand Federal 


call or text 425-268-2844

seattle area 







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