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Still need:

Dash pad,

rubber pads for hood,

hood adjusters,

hood release knob,

passenger side front blinker socket/bucket,

all the outside grill trim, all I have is grill and surrounds,

stock radio,



Already found, not needed anymore:

emergency flasher knob,

clean black door panels,

rubber/plasic vent tube on heater box,

two tail light buckets,

at least one tail light wire harness,

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except for door panels, i second that. for the hood release, i used the mech from a 620. mainly because the knobs always break off.


You used everything out of a 620 or just the knob?




You can make the door panels real easy. I made mine out of some black left over carpet and used some light glue to keep them on.



What did you use for the backing?

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I didn't use any backing. It is Like industrial carpet. I measured it out, cut couple small holes for the window winder and door handle and glued er up. Its not JDM but it came ot pretty good IMHO. Just gotta work with what you got sometimes



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I have the door panels if you aren't going the DIY route.


Have to make my own. PO cut for 6x9's in the doors so I'm sticking my own in there and will have to do fab custom panels to clean it up.

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Unless you really want to be authentic, you can make the hood pads, or bumper pads, etc from sections of old tire.  Somewhere on here is a thread where a guy cut sections out using a hole saw.  A band saw would let you cut them to fit.  Just a thought.

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