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    1969 521, 1982 Toyota 4x4, 2010 Dodge Ram 2500, 2011 JK (wife)
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  1. Rockalot

    fiberglass parts

    me too!
  2. Rockalot

    521 Parts List

    Have to make my own. PO cut for 6x9's in the doors so I'm sticking my own in there and will have to do fab custom panels to clean it up.
  3. Rockalot

    Found a truck with some nice parts

    I'm interested in the radio if its a stock item. Also need a passenger side front blinker that has a working socket.
  4. Rockalot

    Buyer/Seller Feedback....

    Thanks green180 for the parts! Very fair pricing and packaged well.
  5. Rockalot

    Buyer/Seller Feedback....

    skyblue521 shipped my parts hela fast and with great packaging!
  6. Rockalot

    sold sold sold

    I would like the headlight surrounds if they Are clean, might take them with the grill if I have to. How about the pass side Inner fender, is it free of rust and acid holes?
  7. Rockalot

    Chevy Rally's on 521, any issues?

    Pull a rim off? LOL don't be silly! Thought my question would be easily answered from memory, I know all the numbers on my crawler's rims. Any ways, thanks for the info.
  8. Rockalot

    Chevy Rally's on 521, any issues?

    oldskoolvws, I was referring more to an actual number for the off-set. I need to replace my cracked tires so I'm looking to buy a tire/wheel combo and want to get it right the first time.
  9. Rockalot

    Chevy Rally's on 521, any issues?

    "Toyota offset", so that's a fixed number?
  10. Rockalot

    Transmission selection for my 'crawler 521

    So are you trying to stay primarily all Datsun/Nissan with your drive train? If you're really going to take this out rock crawling and not just down some dirt roads then maybe consider Toyota drivetrain. Doing that would assure you some donated parts by others iffin you break while out wheeling, trust me if you are really going crawling you will eventually break. Here's my crawler...
  11. Rockalot

    521 parts - Updated 03.28.17

    PM me your info and I'll get you the fundage!
  12. Rockalot

    Datsun Competition Stickers

    I'll take two!
  13. Rockalot

    Chevy Rally's on 521, any issues?

    Got it, thought that didn't sound right. Anyone know what the offset on them are? I have everything figured out on my tire/rim purchase cept for the offset.
  14. Rockalot

    WTB Hood latch for 521

    still need that latch? sorry about the big pics, in a hurry to get these up before I leave for work.
  15. Rockalot

    Chevy Rally's on 521, any issues?

    so the offset on these are a 1/4 inch?

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