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Roadster rear gears - fit a truck?


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Datsun aren't usually found in east coast yards so imagine my surprise when I ran across a 1600 roadter today. It is almost rusted in half but had the full engine and rear end in it. My understanding is that the 1600 had 3.90 gears but I need to know if the center section will fit my 521. Anyone know positively? It looked like it had finned aluminum drums on it too.

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I am almost positive that the third member will fit the trucks also, but the spider gears are a different splice count, so you have to install the truck spider gears into the roadster third member.


Oh, and i think that the 3.90 gears would be pretty perfect in a 521 truck too. I installed 3.70 in my truck a few weeks ago and they might be a little to much, but i am definently not going back to the 4.37 gears.



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I don't know that there is any reason to keep the roadster carrier. If the truck on is stronger I would mount the ring gear to your trucks stock carrier and go.

The finned drums are nice, but, you might have a hard time getting them to mount on your 6 lug axles. :rolleyes:

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I think you'll find that the Roadster used the H-190 AL rear, the AL is for aluminum so lighter. Just an opinion, but 3.90 is still too low for an L16 truck, do-able, but I don't think you will be happy with it. The 720s run 3.889s and even with Z24 motors, no one likes the performance with them. 4.11s might work better for you.

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