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1962 312 Bluebird Wagon

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I'm finding that I don't have time to mess with it, or even drive it and while it's under a cover, so my situation for keeping it is somewhat less than ideal....


It's this very car: http://bringatrailer.com/2010/04/17/never-seen-one-1962-datsun-312-wagon/


And also this one: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/51995-3-years-lateri-bought-the-62-312-bluebird-wagon/page-2


The car is from Mexico and still has an awesome Mexican registration sticker in the right rear back-glass.


The BAT pictures make it look a little nicer than it is (particularly the bumper chrome), and the ones in my ratsun thread are before I'd even washed it, so the reality is somewhere between the two.


I've gone through the brake hydraulics, including front hoses, it's got new clutch master and slaves, new under-hood fuel lines, new rad hose, cleaned out coolant system (came out really nice, no issues) and it's been cleaned up, including cleaning up most of the chrome trim. The bumpers, rear tailgate handle and a few other little pieces need to be re-chromed, the rest of the trim is in decent shape, though you MIGHT do the headlight trim rings. It's a little hard to find parts for, but I've been successful so far. I'm ordering a master cylinder today, as I'm not certain that the old one is good (there's a chunky spot in the pedal travel). I'm also going to put a choke control cable on it so that it'll start up an run with no issues. It runs GREAT, seems to make good power (not a lot of it, but there never was) and doesn't smoke, though I think it's running a little rich. The only complaint is the sticky spot in the brakes and a sticky spot in the steering that shows up at low speed. Shifter works nice, tranny feels good. I'm sure it needs shocks, but for use as a crusier/runabout you could wait on that. Front suspension seems to be right off a roadster, so roadster shocks should fit in the front, and the back should be similarly simple. Very little, if any, rust it's REALLY solid. Only thing to tackle would be the electrics, some lights work, some don't.


$4500 FIRM or I'll keep it. PM me, boulware@gmail<.>com or 67ate-642-24six0




Edit: fixed phone number...

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like it but how hard is it to get parts.


I've been able to find "close enough" replacements for everything I needed.  The clutch master cylinder I used is from a 620 pickup, the slave was from a 521, I think.  The brake hoses are MG-B, I'm ordering a brake master from a 521 p/u today to fix the brake issue.  It all bolts on.  Just takes a little research.  Looks like all front suspension is just roadster, so a disc brake swap should be super easy, if you were so inclined, then parts would be NO issue at all.

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Chuck, good luck with the sale.  Would love to put her in the garage next to the Surf Wagon.   :thumbup:




Thanks.  Getting some calls, but no money yet.  I love the wheels on the surf wagon, Looked at your thread(s) a bunch when I first got it since yours is like, the only other one in existence (on the internet).  

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Well, I'll be happy to keep it, but I'm willing to let it go, so I can finish up some other projects....

Dang man, sucks to see you letting this go! Hopefully it'll stay local.


Come on down....

Same here, man. Trying to convince my father to make the drive to Macon to go see it in person.

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