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new nl320 owner


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Hi my name is Robert Rath I live in Yreka,Ca and I have some news or more like questions for you about yours or whoevers is in possession of the 64 nl320 red that's in this topic.im pretty confident its my truck from what ive been digging up today, my truck was stolen from me by my tweeker ass uncle a few years ago and ive been searching fot it. ive had it since I was a 13 yr old and got my CDL in it at 16 I'm now 39. to make along story short I had it stored for many years at my aunts house in montague,,ca while I moved away. meanwhile at the time my uncle was in prison. anyways he got out and started stealing and selling any and everything he could for drug money I assume. I eventually moved back to the area and went to get the truck but it was gone. he wouldn't ever tell me where it was. I don't associate with him due to his life choices so I never have gotten a straight answer. ive been to the police, sheriff, and dmv and they said nothing could be done or charged to him because were relatives or something to that extent. they did tell me that eventually it would show up when someone tried to register it without the title, because I have the title its actually in my moms name I believe. so basically i' ve been waiting for it to go through DMV because it was suppose to be flagged in their system. I don't quite understand why it didn't set off an alarm at DMV when or if you've tried to registered it. only thing I can think of is its a fake title. id really like here what you have as far as info on where and when and who the truck was bought from. if I knew how to posts pics on here I would. ill try and figure that out in next few days, ive been on a mission all night since I came across a thread on here earlier tonite with pics of it at my aunts house! think the guy that got it from or off my uncle was for $1400 off a craigs list ad. I just wanted to give a heads up ill will be getting to bottom of it all, so if you or anyone reading this could please do me a favor and get back to me through my email to keep it private areohbe360@gmail.com I would appreciate it very much. I'm gunna dig up everything I have on it in the next few weeks to show my claim so I can figure out how to proceed and how to handle this. thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully I get a reply...... It's a pretty messed up situation for everyone involved but really like to hear something.....

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Well Robert, if the guy was telling the truth about owning a wrecking yard, then a lean was likely put against the truck, and when it wasn't paid, the truck was sold to someone and issued a new title, quite likely a family member.

If he was not telling the truth, then it was likely crushed or hidden away with visions of getting a title some time in the future.

I have not ever seen any of the rare parts on ebay, but I didn't/don't spend that much time on ebay to catch all the BIN auctions, and a few of them NL320 parts would have went fast unless they were priced very high.

The member that started this thread has not been active for well over 2 years, and he has an account that looks to be open, since he has not posted about this vehicle since that date, i would guess he likely doesn't have it anymore, and if he does have it and seen your post, he likely will not admit to having it anymore.

What is the VIN number on your title, there are a few guys that watch all the NL320 sales up here in WA, they know about most sales in the USA, they are very active when it comes to the NL320, they know a lot of NL320 owners,

We have seen a couple NL320s on ebay recently that have had altered VIN tags, but these guys are smart and know enough to figure out what the original VIN tag number was, and these altered vehicles were never sold, one was in Chula Vista, California in late December 2015, it had been recently painted, don't know the original color.

You can post the number on here or send me an email with the number, we have a very good photo of one of the questionable VIN tags that ends with the number 500, if your VIN ends with 500 get in touch with me, if it ends in some other number, you should still let me know the number and I will pass it along to these VIN plate watch dogs.




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Thanks for replying back, yeah it's a bad deal since he was a relative the law couldn't do anything they said it was a civil issue. I knew it was along shot because of how old the post was, but I have to try. I can't believe I didn't see it b4! I've been checking every so often since it vanished. I'll gather up all my info I have and get it to you and I'll share on here. You seem to know quite a bit of the "locals" in the Datsun world so would appreciate any help I could get... Thanks again and I'll be in touch soon.

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