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PRICE DROP Rare Datsun 521 620 720 Pickup 6 Lug Pro Comp "Panasport" wheels for sale/trade

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Okay guys, I've been thinking about this for awhile.  I don't like the way these stick out my fenders and I want something flush. Maybe on a trade, lemme know what you have. But what I'm mainly leaning towards is a partial trade with cash with some with better offset. . Yeah it's pricey, but try finding another set of these wheels. I get asked all the time if I want to sell these wheels as they are highly sought after for their close resemblance to Panasport wheels. I'm no wheel expert and I am too lazy to worry about polishing and cleaning and wheel upkeep. I'm more into other aspects of my truck.


Condition: Some rash, and some dings. Nothing that wheels restoration couldn't fix. One wheel is in pretty good shape and the rest have some blemishes/rash etc. I didn't take any close ups yet, but I will for sure be at the EAGLE ROCK event this weekend. The best case scenario would be for someone to show up with something that will fit my truck WITH decent tires and CASH and we can do a quick swap there. I also LOVE license plate frames, so if you are sitting on a pile of Datsun license plate frames, those are like cash to me. I really like the look of Chevy Blazer Rally wheels or something similar.


Tires: I'm keeping them so you don't need to know.

PM me and leave your number if you are really serious. Otherwise I might just ignore you. No offense, but I'm sure you guys understand..

NOTE: These pictures were taken an hour ago.


PRICE DROP $500 or lower with trade for Blazer Rally's- nigga need some tires too!












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I dig em, theyed be sick on my pathfinder :rofl: idk if Iv got $800 layin around though

and the wheels on the pathy arnt that cool haha

Make an offer brotha. If just buying em outright, I'll need to find me a set of stockers to ride on in the meantime.

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That has everything I'm trying to sell.

That's like $1200 worth of tools.

I also have another snap on ratchet.

I'd trade all of that if you're interested.

SOrry for my late response Janky. I've been getting so many jackoffs hitting me up and not following through that I gave up on Ratsun for a while. I don't even know how to use most of those tools, so I would really like to get cash or someone to come up with some Blazer Rallys so we can trade. Thank you though..

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