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510 not very low. Need camber plates?


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Most everything I read is about guys wanting to go reeeal looow. But I only want to go maybe a little low. My '72 510 is getting early (7/79) ZX struts with 510 springs cut maybe one coil, maybe only 1/2 coil, 510 lower perch held by split collar. Will this be enough lower that I need camber plates? Not saying I can't/won't do plates, but I don't want to go to the expense and work and get laughed at - "Why do you have camber plates, your car is barely lowered?". And what happens if I don't do plates? Horrendous tire wear? 510 steers so bad I can't keep it between the ditches? Just wondering. I'm kinda tempted to go ahead and try it and see what happens, but rainy cold weather is closing in, so I may not have time to be taking it all apart again.


And I guess I should ask the same about roll center adjusters. I got the idea these were more needed for really lowered cars, but it is hard to find info for not-so-low 510s. Is there some point in lowering when any sane person better have these? Friend Regy wants to go waaay low with his '72 and figures he needs RC adjusters, but do I need 'em?



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You use camber plates if the camber is not within bounds. Since the camber is designed into the stock suspension and is not adjustable, in theory, any lowering of the stock ride height will affect it. So if you need them get them. Anyone who laughs at it simply doesn't know what it all about and you can school them on it.


In fairness a small drop will make very little camber change, perhaps not enough to warrant a camber adjusting plate, but it will change. A severe camber will wear the tires but should roll straight , corner funny. Take note here: Any lowering also affects toe out. So adjust your toe so it is slightly in after lowering.


Same with the bump steer spacers. The more you lower the more the bump steer affect. I wouldn't worry about it until you can definitely feel something.

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