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66 1600 roadster

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Well life finally gave me enough time to start a project and after weeks of browsing around craiglist found myself checking out a 66 roadster. When I looked at it it was only running on 2-3 cylinders out of a gas tank sitting in the passenger seat but its mostly rust free, had a clean title, and was non-oped. Put some new spark plugs in it and it purrs like a kitten. Also just finished putting in the gas tank yesterday with no issues. hurray.


A mountain of parts came with the car as well so if you are in need of some roadster parts I'll be sorting out the doubles and extras soon.



pics pics pics.











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Why didnt you rust proof before the peel and stick? Thats a big no no, those pans need por or equiv on them before peel & stick and carpet.


the little rust that was there was removed. There was no bare metal (aside from the zinc coated steel which wont rust for years).

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If this is what your considering non bare metal your putting to much faith in whats there. The pans should be properly rustproofed before the peel and stick. That stuff is a perfect atmosphere for trapping moisture and corrosion. especially with like 20 holes int he floor lol. Just friendly advice, take it or leave it its your car....



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Looks like a very good car to start working on. But if i were you, i would of scraped the floor paint and pour some por15. You can even pour it with just a paint brush. By the way what stick and peal sound deadening are you using? 

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