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  1. Good idea, If I can't get the cross referance number I'll take the bearing to a parts store, maybe they can meassure the i.d and o.d. Thanks Mike!
  2. Well to my luck the bearings I purchased were NLA. So I got my money back and no product. Dangit. Would you by any chance know if other universal bearings are available? Thank you
  3. Yeah, I also can't figure out how they came off. Yet, the transmission bolts were somewhat loose. Someone before me may have tried to fix the reverse issue and they must of dropped the bearings, hence why they gave me the 4 speed transmission opposed to the 5 speed transmission that the car previously had; considering that the car came with a driveshaft cut to the 5 speed size. Also I may have dropped the transmission by accident once, oops ?
  4. Thanks Mike! Just finished ordering some from ebay, $34 for both bearings oem nissan parts. In the nissan warehouse it stated NLA so I decided to scoop this ones up before they were gone hehe.
  5. Thanks mike!!! Yeah, the main input and output shaft (Same one really lol) don't have any play in them. Also to my surprise there were 0 metal pieces in the oil pan, and 0 sludge on the gears, everything was in the tail housing. Must of happened only in the rear since when I got it it was leaning backwards. Ohh and all the forks are tight and snug the gears actually feel really firm and non of the fork shafts have any play, neither do the gears. Quick question, would you happen to know what bearing size is required for the reverse shaft? Sorry, its because i had to reassemble it since its in my cousins land and I don't want parts to accidentally go missing.
  6. Time Left: 10 days and 12 hours

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    Just like the title states, if you have an L20b head for sale please send me a text message,.I'm trying to help out another starting datsun fan get his truck running; so please try to keep the price low. Thank You! ?


  7. Yup, they look like pins from the bearings. The roll pin from the reverse fork was installed I did check that one. Also the springs that held the shafts from the gear selectors too. Those work fine after cleaning them up, the reverse fork is held in neutral position now. If i were to run the transmission without the bearing pins would something go bad even if I never run into reverse? Just want to move it home. 10mile drive ??
  8. Yeah it was forward, somehow the main shaft was seized and I tapped it with a hammer and wuala off it moved and now it shifts perfectly fine. Been moving the gears 20 plus times and they shift perfectly fine now, reverse also works and all the forks for all the gears move.
  9. So yeah, i got the tailshaft apart and found 3 pins just laying there. Where could they be comming from? Linkages seem to be moving without any problems. https://imgur.com/a/0PJ3KfP
  10. I'll make sure to post a pic once I'm done uninstalling it. Had to leave town for work, will be back by friday hopefully.
  11. I'll go ahead and disassemble it tomorrow, really sucks having to un mount the trany and driveshaft again. ? I'll keep you updated.
  12. Thank you, I'll take a look at it today, I don't know much about transmission but the online diagrams help out a lot. Also the youtube videos that I've managed to find.
  13. I never got it out of reverse, I guess I got it like that from the previous owner. Yeah, I even used my feet to push it further right and nothing. I might just swap the bell housing from the roadster transmission and the 510 transmission to fix it if its badly messed up.
  14. Yup, and it doesn't move further right through the neutral gate.
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