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  1. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    I'll make sure to post a pic once I'm done uninstalling it. Had to leave town for work, will be back by friday hopefully.
  2. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    I'll go ahead and disassemble it tomorrow, really sucks having to un mount the trany and driveshaft again. 😫 I'll keep you updated.
  3. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    Thank you, I'll take a look at it today, I don't know much about transmission but the online diagrams help out a lot. Also the youtube videos that I've managed to find.
  4. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    I never got it out of reverse, I guess I got it like that from the previous owner. Yeah, I even used my feet to push it further right and nothing. I might just swap the bell housing from the roadster transmission and the 510 transmission to fix it if its badly messed up.
  5. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    Yup, and it doesn't move further right through the neutral gate.
  6. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    The shifter won't let me go into 3rd, 4th or reverse. Its like they don't exist in the gear selector.
  7. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    Yup, it does exactly as you said in your first comment. In neutral it backs up but in 1st and 2nd it does nothing.
  8. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    When I disengage the clutch the car doesn't move. Yet, when I move the gear lever the second shaft, the one with the pin and lock in your pic moves forward and backwards. Also, I'm not turning the engine on I'm using the starter right now to rotate the transmission which does hesistate when I move it into first and second gear and the car won't move. But, when I do place it into neutral the car launches bakwards. Also, I already spent too much money on the transmission clutch and pilot bearing and flywheel resurfacing and throwout bearing to toss it out for a 5 speed specially after having a new driveshaft made for this transmission. Sorry, I know I may sound confusing. One last thing, I do happen to have another 4 speed transmission laying around but its from a datsun 1600 which has a different bellhousing. Yet, I believe everyting else is the same parts wise except gear ratio wise. Could this be my salvation?
  9. jcd0402

    Datsun 510 Stuck in Reverse

    So, yeah, like the title says, my transnission (oem 4 speed) won't come out of reverse. I've tried everything, I've pushed the lever into reverse, I've pulled hard and smaked the release arm, I've even moved the car while it being in reverde to see if maybe the rotationg of the engine would release the gear. *Quick info The gear selector goes into first and second gear yet 3rd, 4th and reverse don't engage. This all happens while the transmission gear is still in reverse but the shifter isn't. Meaning, the shifter can be in neutral but the transmission is still stuck in reverse. Thank you
  10. Time Left: 4 days and 3 hours

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    Looking for the manual transmission driveshaft for a 1971 Datsun 510. The transmission is a 4 speed oem trany, stock driveshaft required.


  11. jcd0402

    L20b timing help

    Same thing happened to me. Good thing I found a remanufactured points dizy for $25. I just bought a chevy ignitor to swap it on to the electric one to see if that works, hopefully it does.
  12. jcd0402

    Are ZCarDepot Patch Panels Any Good?

  13. Quick question guys and gals, Currently I'm in the process of restoring my 510 and now that I am done rebuilding the engine I want to begin restoring the body. Yet, as most 510's from 1971 you can already guess that it has severe rust in the rear quarter panels; hence why I am here asking this question. Now, I did already purchase them, not sure if it was good or bad thing to do (Hopefully good!) . Now to stop my ramble, does anyone here have any good or bad experiences with their rear lower patch panels for a 4dr 510? (My panel) https://imgur.com/a/syPvd Thank you, Julio De Leon
  14. jcd0402

    Z22 Crankshaft pulley on L20B?

    So would I need the alternator braket too? I'm in a pickle right now since my original cranshaft pulley has a crack, and the only local one I can find is for a z22. If I do need the alternator braket I don't really mind since more than likely I'll also need the a/c braket too if I swap the pulley into my 510.
  15. So yeah stupid question, can I fit a Z22 crankshaft pulley on an L20B?

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