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Raising LCA Pivot Points


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I just picked up my new front crossmember. The LCA (lower control arm) pivot points were moved up one inch. This is to help correct the suspension geometry changes from lowering the car - to eliminate bump steer. The LCA is designed to be level with the ground at ride height.


The way the guy did it is pretty slick. After him showing me, I would have no problem doing it myself. I didn't want to fuck it up, so I paid him to do it. He has done many.


I'll post photos later. I'm off to work on my car right now.

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Yea, the Rat-PIMP-i-TUDE is at maximum right now. I'll know if I need the "bump steer blah blah's" when I have engine weight on the springs. If the LCA is parallel to the ground - even at my ride height, the BSP(bumpSteerSpacer) is NLN(NoLongerNecessary).

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I was trying to look it up last night, butI couldn't find where I read it. I thought the LCA where never supposed to travel any farther than 90˚ if they do that is what causes bump steer. If you look at the LCA angle on the factory ride hight they are more like 70˚. When the car his a bump and the LCA travels farther than 90˚ it causes the wheels to toe out causing bump steer. I would run the BSS if it where me :D

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