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my other project 1982 Honda Ascot FT500

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the need to start a thread has finally hit me as 1- i havnt found another as modified online and 2- for motivation from others


i picked up my ascot from the second owner his uncle was the first and he had learned how to ride bikes on it (so its not perfect) he also had a 2000 yamaha 650 cruiser with rod knock i offered him a trade my labor for his ascot and 2 weeks later he accepted! he had no idea of my intentions and was a little sad the first time he saw the bike but now cant wait to see it finished either


so far i have installed

04 gsxr swingarm and mono shock-gift

01 gsxr inverted forks-gift

04 gsxr wheels-gift

01 gsxr rearsets-gift


future plans include finishing it as i still need alot of little parts and dont really have the cash


on with the pics although i didnt take enough


how it started out



test fitting the swingarm/rear wheel



front end installed which involved pressing out the steering stems and modifying the ascot stem to fit the gsxr lower triple (note hammer for rear shock)



i had started to take a few more pics at this time here a few of the rear shock install


top mount



lower mount



both mounts (shock removed for welding)



ride height after shock install



plate brackets for rear sets (both are the same)



right side on



right on the ground



and left on the ground



hope you like it so far like i said i still need stuff like clipons,upper triple,passenger pegs,my sprockets,chain (going to gsxrs 525),rectangle headlight,front and rear rotors,brake lines and the list goes on im sure this build will take a while as im already 10 months into it but check back if you like what you see!

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stuff like this is what my career has been for almost ten years i have done similar configurations before with no faults


not sure how i would fault you for that i wanted people from my 521 thread to come here


thanks mcmlxxxv ive been thinking of it as a "resto rod" similar to what people are doing with muscle cars

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