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driveshaft differents


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I have a 521 and the drive shaft OS seized together I've tried everything I've been working on it for about a week and 1/2 every day for about 2hrs it being soaked with some penitrating oil now, well it has been for tgr passed couple of day

Any ways my ?


There is no 521 at the junk yard that have drive shafts left

So could I use one out of a 620 or 720 ?

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Almost every city has a shop that specializes in drive line repair, and modifications.

One of the big changes that happened from the 521 to the 620 is all the body fasteners switched from American sized threads to metric. I do not know if the bearing caps on the drive line on a 521 are inch sizes, or metric. The engine, transmission, and i think the rear axle (pumpkin" are metric.


So to directly answer your question, it would not surprise me if a 620 drive line may look almost exactly like a 521 drive line, but on closer examination, you find the sizes very slightly off.

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ok thanks, i have a place here that has build several drive shafts for me, for all my other builds, i was just hoping for a quick solution to my problem to get it where i could ride around the block

i dont really want to spend the money to have the drive shaft fixed bc i want to put the ka24de in it

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