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620 brake questions


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Im going to be reassembling the breaks on my truck after work and ive read up on tips and tricks but one fact still escapes me. How do you determine which shoes are leading and which shoes are trailing?


also can anybody show we what the front wheel bearing look like on a 74 620?


Mine showed up from rock auto but the image they provide does not match what showed up. Ive done wheel bearings on disc front ends but never drum fronts so that may be why these look wrong to me



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That's just one bearing....the part that sticks up is where the seal rides. Lot's of info in this thread about the bearing difference....




No clue on the brake adjust thread.....there's so many different threads about it, I'm not sure how you'd find just that one.

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Yep. The outer bearing is the same on all the drum trucks.....30304.


The 320/520/521 inner bearing is a 32KB02. Here's where it gets a bit confusing.... that 620 inner bearing is a 32KB02/11B. I'm 95% sure about the "11B" suffix.....but I'd have to check my thread or a bearing to be 100%.


Here's a BA number for it..... BECK/ARNLEY Part # 0513178 Might be a bit easier to cross. The 620 drum bearing is much easier to find, but I wouldn't be surprised if they start to run out like the 521 bearing.

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sweet! thanx guys, i did get that bearing in and as you guys said its right. Ive never seen one like that. I did the wheel bearings on a 710 and a 210 and they didnt look like those do.



New question! i mashed the wheel seal for the front last night, i have a new one coming today but i was looking for recommendations on installation of the seals?? I don't have any sockets big enough to cover the whole seal and the fucker kept wanting to go in one side at a time and not nice and evenly. Ive never had an issue before using a hammer and piece of 2x4, didn't work this time tho.

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