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Driveline Surgery


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Well I messed up... I thought I had a Dogleg (because that is what I was told)... I didn't measure and when I pulled the 4 speed out today I placed it next to the "Dogleg" and what do you know they are different lengths... I didn't measure but it looks like a Z trans...


My questions is does anyone know the exact length the stock driveshaft needs to be shortened to fit a Z trans?





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Not that this helps but I had 3 stock drivelines next to each other and they where all different lengths by a little bit. So it might be a good idea to put it in and measure it.

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Accurately measure the two transmissions and subtract. The difference is how much to shorten your driveshaft. Do it yourself just to be safe. Also once shortened you have a much wider selection of trannys to choose from if this one should fail later.


YES, make sure this isn't from a Z series motor as it will bolt up, but the bolt pattern is rotated about 12 degrees toward the drivwers side resulting in the shifter leaning toward the passenger seat and the tranny mount not lining up.


I'm at work now and time is limited, but there is a very easy was to tell the L from the Z series by looking at them while out of the car. I can post after work if you want.

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With transmission out on the ground in it's upright operating position, stand at the rear above the shifter facing forward toward the motor. Look at the shifter and then forward, along an imaginary vertical centerline toward the front. At the start of the bulge of the bell housing, a casting ridge or rib continues this centerline up to where the transmission and engine meet. Once you know where to look you can do this at a glance, very quickly.


On both sides of this rib there is a bolt hole to mount to the motor.


If the rib is closer to the passenger or Right side bolt hole, it's a Z series transmission.

If the rib is closer to the driver's side or Left side bolt hole, it's an L series transmission.


Just remember "Left is L", say it, ... Left is L. Now practice at home .lol

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