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WANTED 510 Sedan or Goon


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  1. 1. Will I be able to find a 510 in California?

    • Yes, but it will be a shell and someone will also have all[most] all the parts to put it back together
    • Yes
    • No

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Hi, long time. I am looking for a running Datsun 510 Wagon or Sedan 2DR or 4DR no worries. Straight body pref., dash with working gauges and a legit wiring harness. I want the L motor.


I am in Sonoma County California, Looking for a California car. I work as an auto parts courier and I need a better ride. Please let me know what you have available, where, and $$.


I have looked for a long time then had a reliable vehicle and not looked and now I'm looking again. I look forward to not being disappointed!

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Being from Denver.. I don't even understand this post?

Hell, 95% 510's that are left are in CA or OR, WA.

What's so hard about finding a 510! Geeesh, I could understand this post if you lived in North Dakota or something.

But really, CA! Come on, I've made two trips out to CA to get cars.

Go drive down the street, look to the left, look to the right,, oops there's one, now go buy it.

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Heh, I am not as forward as that. I have seen one on my weekly job tucked in a shop and maybe another parked by the college but that's it.


I thought I'd put it out there. Check my join date, give me some credit.. bruh!


EDIT: What connections do you have out here in the bay area? A barn find in a barn waiting for someone to wash it off and drive it?

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I talked to Forrest the guy who has the site hectorschopshop and I found out he has owned so many 510's it makes my mind orgasm in thought about the endless possibilities he must have taken and sought out over his adventures with the Datsun 510. I love the body style so much, and adore the L motor. I have loved them for a long time. I heart the BRE scheme.

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Just make shur and have the cash on hand or in house and be ready to be first caller. If i did it again would spend the max i could .because all the goodies your going to want add up fast. the 5 speed the lsd-coilovers-camber plates you get the idea better the last guy spent the bux on the stuff that its hard to recupe

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There are a lot of 510s out there some complete some not. We have 9 projects here but we usually have to make then run to sell them. Once one of our projects are a daily driver I can't hold on to it. Most of your search will boil down to $$$$$$, the more u spend the better of a car you get. You have not included a budget in your post, people with cars for 10k might not respond. My wife and I have 3 runners right now, 2 SSS Coupes and a 69 2 door.


Here is a pic of the 69 2 door clean title and great runner with a L motor $4800. it will be ready to drive home n 2 weeks.



been trying to get rid of this car for awhile, but without puttin gin the hours and materials nobody wanted it

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Younger generations want a car that they hadn't heard about previously...since they Now know they "exist".


Totally , except I've known they exist for some time. My previous vehicle a 64 Rambler American, I didn't know they existed, but love the body style. I actually bought my Rambler because I couldn't find a 510 and the body styles were similarly sexy.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

I've owned two 510s.


One before the movie. One after.


Notes under the windshield, CONSTANTLY!


The only Datsun truck that gets offers in traffic to buy it is my 520 4x4.




Ive owned over 100 over the years :lol: no lie

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Guest 510kamikazifreak















You are a freak!




tis why I chose the username..

And thats a conservative figure :lol:

Most at once was 7 running driving,and 2 parts units.

have slowed a bit in the past 6 years or so..only 3 right now

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once you own one, you will never own just one for long..trust me :lol:


I agree


we have 23 now, 21 510s and 2 coupes, I like to keep the number at 20. But what do ya do. in 2005 We were at 3. I have 10 in my sight to buy in the next year. can you say addict or slut?

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