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weber electric choke ?'s

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Hello all. I just put my webet 32-36 dgev back on my 620 & want to remove the electric choke & switch it to manual choke. Is this possible & is such a conversion sold ? I checked the Weber site & also the Redline site & didnt see anything. Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I gotta ask . . .why? I recently installed a weber on my 620 and upon rebuilding it, the choke mechanism/coil looks basicly like one off of an air cooled v.w. - with that said, ive owned a butt load of vws and ive never thought for a second about removing the elec. choke and installing a manual. They are simple and effective from my experience . .? Just curious -

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Did you have it wired open before? Should open with 12v+


Could be out of adjustment. You want a 1/4" gap between the butterflies and the top of the carb rim. Make sure to adjust it cold, like first thing in the morning.

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You want a 1/4" gap between the butterflies and the top of the carb rim


Not sure what you are referring to, but you want the butterfly to close completely, with no gap between the choke blade and the bore wall. The Weber has a "choke pull off" that will open it a small amount as soon as it starts.

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