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sd22 521

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Hello ratsun crew i figure this is as good as time as any to introduce myself. My name is hambone and this build is a personal challenge to see how cheap i can be. Well im officially starting my build. I picked up a 521 for spare change a while back now im ready to start on it. The motor has sat with the head off for ten plus years so thats going to the scrap yard. I've been trying to decide what to drop in it for some time. I almost did a ka24de swap but i like being really original... meaning i enjoy headaches. I came across a 720 that runs. Did a little horse trading and picked it up for no money out of pocket. So that's my donor. I know have almost everything i need. I'm lacking my keg auxiliary tank... more on that in a few. Plans are to use the whole drive train maybe the rearend, front disc brakes, maybe dashboard. The 521 has the usual cracked dash pad but the 720 is like brand new. So far i have invested a grand total of $275 for the 521, $125 for the gas beer and food to pick it up for me and my buddy, $150 for some 15x10 wheels. Running 720 free. Grand total $550. I also picked up a good turbo from work to.put on the little diesel, not really for more power. Just helps make it more efficient. Still need that keg though. Been checking craigslist, they are only about $50. Also picked up a couple of bucket seats out of some old mack trucks. My door panels are going to be made from some old gas pump panels i found. Carpet? Came from a house my dad is remodeling. Wait until y'all see this carpet its crazy looking. Also I'm lacking my armrest/ center console... that'll be an old army ammo box. So who is wondering about this keg that im going to be putting in the bed? Here goes my thinking on this awesome subject. Like i said before im a cheap bastard so i know of a way to run diesels off of used motor oil. Yep its true and i can prove it...my good buddy rick runs his 12v dodge the same way and actually gets better mpg using used oil and its free. Gee, you ask " where can you get that much used oil?" I work in an oilfield mechanic shop. We have tbousands of gallons of the crap. The trick is making it thin and hot enough to combust. All you have to do is add about five gallons of diesel to a 55 gallon drum of oil. This also lets any contaments sink to the bottom. Now to heat it up... you.have to start the motor on regular diesel first to warm the engine up. So you have two fuel feeds and returns. Once its warm you flip two switches. Used oil comes iut the tank into and out of a filter mounted either in the frame or under the bed. Then it goes into a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger comes from dodge trucks in the form of trans coolers. You run coolant in one side and oil through the other. The warm coolant that would be cooling down the trans in turn heats up the used oil. So tell me what y'all think. I'll update soon as i can.

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I have a 521 diesel I built, the 521 cab is sitting on the 720 diesel frame, that gave me disc brakes, ball joints, power steering, and I didn't have to make motor/tranny mounts, drivelines, ect. What's really great is the front two core supports are in the same position as the 521 frame, so the front wheels center themselves in the wheel wells. You have to make cab mounts, but everything is within 2 inches, I made my 521 a kingcab, but that is not for everyone, and I also used a stepside box on my project, not a stock box.

This is my build thread. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/22928-1969-datsun-kingcab-project/page__view__findpost__p__375219__hl__wayno__fromsearch__1

I also fabbed up a power brake booster, and have finally gotten this project to a daily driver, the power brakes are great, all my 521s are getting power brakes in the near future.

I bought a canadian spec 720 diesel last year that was set up to burn veg. oil, it had a pre-heater setup that used the engine water system to warm the veg.oil, they ran a water hose from the block to the stock fuel tank(it was the veg.oil tank) and back to the water pump, they used the heater core circut, from there it went into a actual heater and then to the injection pump, it worked, but I didn't understand the fuel filter system, it didn't seem to have one, so I put it back to the original stock fuel filtering system.

It looked like a lot of work creating enough fuel to keep it running, so I just buy diesel.

I use the 720 diesel wiring harness in my 521, it was a lot easier for me, as I just don't understand wiring, so I transfered everything I could to the 521, including the steering column with ALL the hardware, lights, turn signals, wipers, 4-ways, and the key assembly, so the only things I had to wire were the 521 heater core motor(easy), and the 521 instrument cluster(hard), and the 521 wiper motor(easy now), but I smoked 2 intermitant wiper boxes figuring it out, but I now have fast, slow, intermitant wipers with a stock 521 wiper motor.

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Wayno, you talking about the Nissan SD22 engine? I hear it is a very good engine.



Yes, that is the engine I beleave he is talking about, my 521KC diesel project has the SD25 engine, it's a lot harder to find, and mine is a strong one for what it is. They run forever, I sold my first 720 diesel I ever bought(used) with over 350,000 and still going strong for a SD22, I put 30,000 miles on it myself, to this day, that was the best running SD22 I ever had, I have a rebuilt one(SD22) in the 720 dually, and I can't seem to get it dialed in, I am thinking all the injection pumps I have are worn out.

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As soon as i get home from work this weekend I'm going to take some pics for yall guys. I was thinkijg about swaping frames cause I'd really like to have the suspension and brakes but the 720 is a king cab.



If you could find another 521 doner box, you could cut the front off of one, and add it to your existing box, that would give you a 1969 datsun 521 SD22 diesel longbox/bed, one of a kind, though they did make longbox 521s, none were shipped to the USA though that I know of. I beleave that you would only have to add approximately 10 inches to the box. There are a few issues fitting the diesel into the 521 engine bay, it fits, but one has to customize the heater core outlets, as there isn't a lot of room between the back of the engine and firewall.

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Yeah i was going to just give up on it but this diesel pretty much feel into my lap. The long bed is an option i hadn't thought about... I've never liked long beds to much. I guess its just more ideas to ponder. I probably wont cause I'm not wanting to do any body work.

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<br />Yeah i was going to just give up on it but this diesel pretty much feel into my lap. The long bed is an option i hadn't thought about... I've never liked long beds to much. I guess its just more ideas to ponder. I probably wont cause I'm not wanting to do any body work.<br />
<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />




cool, i texted you about it at one pointand never heard back, im just glade it didnt meet the crusher.

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Thought I'd do a little updating on my project. Ive got my 15x10's on the 521 now so she rolls. Got my donor truck striped of everything i need plus some. I'm still trying to figure out how to upload pics off my phone for you guys to see. I'd really like to adapt the front suspension from the 720 to the 521. Ball joints are much cooler than king pins. I guess thats about it for now. Anyone know how to change my heading to sd22 instead of sr22?

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