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Headlight Switch Causing My Car To Die & Not Start Back Up


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So other night i pulled in to get gas and my car dies..... had a friend come out to try and jump it. nothing happened. tow truck driver comes and hooks up his jumper cables and then shakes some wires around and all of the sudden i get power and drive it home. when i get home im sitting in my drive way about to park and when i shut off my head lights the car died and wouldnt start up again, then this morning i go out and it starts right up. i turn the car off. it doesnt start up once again!! i checked some ground wires and then it started up and i drove it to run a few errands today i got back to the house and clicked my headlights on then it died and wont start back up!


could someone give me some trouble shooting ideas please!! its driving me crazy!!

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Ck the crimp at the starter. also the fusable link end. where it hookes to the starter lug. that feeds the fuse box.


Replace the fuses maybe with new ones incase they are separating inside the glass/ends


you ck the output volatage on the battery with a volt meter?


I had a Z car where it would discharge at night and morning be dead. Come to find Out I was draining my batter with the heater lights on at night. Daytime the alternator pout out just enought juice to keep the batter charged.

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