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510 floor pans ...

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Location ---> Portland,OR


Price ---> $30 obo ... ( just for sake of for sale rules )


Contact ---> PM me ... go from there :)


Shipping ---> Prefer not ... local is best ... but open minded ... not sure anyone wants these shipped lol.


Description ---> Looking at two front half sectioned 510 floor pans ... was told they were POR-15'd on inside ... car was wrecked, so these were cut out of it ... i bought these for molded rocker sections, but have gone a different route :).... Drivers side section has a few small holes, but i can patch with welder if requested. I would love for these to be sold and re-used to make someones dream come that much closer! Before i forget, sections have some fold that needs to be pressed out or hammered at trans tunnel, not a biggy, just need to re-shape.



Bottom side view of both floor pan sections ... passenger left, drivers right




Drivers side, ,, bottom view, , look at top right, ,, holes section, ,, looks better in person and pan is fairly solid!




Drivers side section ... up close ... inspecting the holes,... a hole in rocker exterior as well on this section ... looks good though!




Drivers side ...





Passengers side ...



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