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1980 210 parts for sale - sedan

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I've got a bunch of misc parts for the 210 sedan I scavenged from for my 1200 project - they need to go, feel free to make offers....just not too ridiculous please ;)


1980 210 sedan windshield 60K miles car- no cracks, nice & clear $100




same year new OEM nissan AC evaporator $50




210 center console $40



720 console (I think) new OE in red $50 - can easily change color with SEM Bumper Coater or interior color coater






210 door threshold covers - black plastic good cond. $25



I also have other items:

wiring look for the dash $25

heater box assembly $45

dash instrument cluster - round gauge $40

Rad overflow tank $20

Windshield washer tank $25


and probably some other stuff I cant think of right now


Thanks, Evan

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Wheres 98033?


probably USPS is cheapest although UPS isn't too bad - console cant weight anymore then a couple of pounds if that its the size - probably 12h x 8w x 24l - a 12' x 12" x 24" box would probably do it, I'll take some quick measurements.


Try those sizes & weights on UPS web quote:




I don't want this to come across rude so please don't take offense its just that my time is extremely limited. I don't want to spend a bunch of time chasing shipping info on low dollar stuff if $10 to $20 dollars frt. is too much. I think a safe assumption is most items I have (including ones not pictured) can be shipped anywhere in the US for $20 & under.


Thanks for your interest - Evan

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Hi all - can anyone identify exactly what the rear console goes too, like I said I thought it was a 720 but I could be wrong - 96910-56G02 ??


anyone know for certain?

Thanks, Evan

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If I hadn't of been lazy I'd of googled it & found the answer in 10 seconds. Thanks Dave


I bought it to try in the 1200 between the seats but waaay to big - anyone one want it make an offer.


I also found a complete set of front & rear windows stainless trims for the 210 sedan, good condition, will polish up well - $ 35 - sorry no pic to show.

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Anyone interested in the 210 stuff -dont be shy, make offers, otherwise fleabay then the trash.


I'd really like to see someone with the windshield - I looked on Ebay & found a NOS one for about $300, I'm not sure if they're still available new from Pilkington or someone else, if so maybe they're a good deal that way & mines worthless.


either way if someone wants anything shoot offers.



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I haven't looked at tis thread in so long I didn't realize folks were still posting requests.


Still have:

Instrument cluster


Steering / Ign. covers


threshold strips

misc other items


All open to offers......


e-mail me as I see that more ofter if interested.



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