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  1. Turbo210

    My first project!

    That's a nice start
  2. I have a 1981 Datsun b310 with a ka motor in it.now I know that the ecu pin for coolant is #51 on the ecu I just don't know which one on the back instrument cluster to run it to??.
  3. Like the title say i need a complete h190/h165 4 link diff for my Datsun b310 sedan.
  4. How much for the rear end off of one of those 510's also is it a h165
  5. So i found a Datsun 620 rear end today but its six lug.i was wondering if i could make it the lug pattern thats on my car now it's a 81 Datsun b310 sedan.
  6. Make sure to start a build tread on it
  7. Back seats sent to Tampa Fl 33617 LMK ASAP
  8. floor panels an fenders for a b310 sedan
  9. So what kind of dodge can i take that off of @the junk yard also how hard is it to modify it to fit the datsun body.Also pics of this diff would be great.
  10. I'm loving the info being posted about the diffs.Btw so i could use the d21 diff just have to modify the strut part an thats it!!!!if so cool but will it stick out alot??? pic will be great.
  11. Thanks for the info everyone so today i went to a local shop trying to buy me a 200sx diff.They had one but it looked like it took cv axles instead of being solid like the one on my 1981 b310 sedan is that normal
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