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Clutch disc I.D. please?

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Ha -ha -ha that narrowed it down. It's a 240mm disc from a FWD May '86 to Aug'87 Maxima. It may fit the '85 through '87 too as the last digit is a descriptor which is for minor things like color. But for sure the '87 VG30E Maxima. About $100 at dealer.

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Yes, the last digits of trim pieces often are for different color parts (different versions). The last two digits more often indicate revisions. Usually 03 replaces whatever used revision 1 and revision 2.


In this case 30100-16E03 is interchangable with 30100-16E04 and 30100-16E08.

30100-16E04 1988 Maxima

30100-16E08 ???


The may have upped the specs on the clutch, probably some minor thing because these parts interchange. Maybe the spec on the little radial springs



It's a 240mm, too large for an L-series engine I think

* 24T spline x 25mm input

* 240mm diameter

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I did pull and still have a 240mm wheel. It was on an '80 720 4x4 but the L20B was obviously pre '78. This is not normal so someone changed a few parts around on it. The Z24 and the Z20 option looks to have had the 240mm but so too did the 280 and 300zx.

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