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I'm not saying that I have the time or the means right now, how hard do you think it would be to convert my 720 regular cab 2.4L from a 2x4 to a 4x4. What would that all require. transfer case, lift etc? the truck runs like a champ right now, I just want to have functionality (moar funs) with it. I do not have working camera so the only picture I have is the picture on my profile. This isn't as urgent as the guys with issues, just things running through my head. Ohh and this truck is as stock as it could possibly be.

Thanks in advance.

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Definitely get a 4x4 frame with all the goodies on it and just swap your motor/transmission and body over. The 4X4 frame is too different. If you weld the transfer case cross members in, the output and driveshaft go right through another crossmember just behind it. I had to weld in this steel hoop to allow it and yet not weaken the frame.






The body also sits higher on a 4x4 frame to clear the trans case and front differential. The torsion bars are differently mounted also.


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hey, YOU, ZACKERY, want to switch to 4x4 for DIRT cheap???



look at my location...



i have an 86 4x4 with everything but an engine and transmission just sitting, getting ready to go to pull n save.....

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You could do what I am doing. Bought the empty truck, got everything I need off the old one, take the now empty one to pull n save and get your money back. Literally. If you don't pull n save is giving me the same amount. I'd rather someone be able to use the whole thing, and not rip it to shreds like all the damn mexicans do to these poor things in there.

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