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  1. Skulptr

    Nissan Noob, Picked up an '85 720 KC 4x4

    the rs5000 are whats in the back IIRC, just not as long as they should be with the blocks that are in the rear, which came with the truck when i got her btw lol
  2. Skulptr

    Nissan Noob, Picked up an '85 720 KC 4x4

    guess i better butt in before you reindex again! lol i made a video for HOW to reindex, using this truck. gretta is already reindexed, 2 teeth, you have plenty of room in the adjustment bolts to raise and lower, its about dead center in the middle of each bolt, IIRC. and the front blocks are 2" custom machined, by poor_mans_720, which is suspension lift, not body. if it were body, there would be blocks at every attachment point of the body to the frame. here's the reindex video link. and look up my exploded tranny thread, you'll see the pictures i had of the grooves in the teeth. videos ---> http://community.rat...post__p__655296
  3. Skulptr

    Yet another 85 4x4

    dude!! you should go get the tranny out of that kc for me, and somehow, i'll come get it! lol my 85 kc has been sitting for over a month now with no tranny
  4. Skulptr

    1986 720 in the house

    looks like you need a tach in that beast ;) ive got a few
  5. Skulptr

    720 king cab rear jump seats

    someone replaced the carpet in mine taking out and covering the holes for the jumpers. what i did, crawl under the truck where the back seats go, youll see 2 sets of 4 bolt holes, matching the pattern on the seats. i just used 3" wood screws and drove them through the carpet from under the truck, then used a razor knife to cut the carpet around the holes. another issue you may find, there may be bolts in the holes already, to plug them up. push down on the carpet to feel for the heads of the bolts, and cut around them. i had to do that for 3 of the holes in my truck.
  6. Skulptr

    compatable seat swap

    i used the rodeo belts. everything bolts right in place of the 720 belts like it was meant to be...
  7. Skulptr

    Ricer Sightings

    i went to honda tech today, HOLY SH!!TT
  8. Skulptr

    Ricer Sightings

    I've seen under his hood, which is carbon (and he painted it with rattle cans), its bone stock except the exhaust and foam filter
  9. Skulptr

    my transmission finally exploded

    You also have the z22 that got a different length tranny. And if I remember your shaft also has a different design, has a different yoke or something
  10. Skulptr

    my transmission finally exploded

    The divorced case didn't end until the hard body and pathfinder came out
  11. Skulptr

    my transmission finally exploded

    It's an 85 king cab. That shaft is the same length as every 4x4 I've seen with a z24. My king and single both had the same length shafts.
  12. Skulptr

    Ricer Sightings

    Um, yeah...
  13. Skulptr

    Anyone have a stock air cleaner?

    Did you ever get squared away? I found one today.
  14. Skulptr

    my transmission finally exploded

    Ok new subject. I had a weird feeling I needed to get to the jy today. And I'm glad I did. This is what I found... Didn't take any pictures of the whole truck. It has a 3" body lift in it, full length runner boards with full length side marker lights, blown head gasket and snapped torsion bar, and an extremely spacious drivers side. Which in turn made the tranny she was housing really easy to unbolt. Once it was out, I realized I forgot my hammer so I didn't get to open it before I bought it. I did rotate and push in out up down on the input shaft. There is some slack in rotation and also up down so there's no way I will throw it in until I find out what's causing the slop. And I found some neat finds, and FINALLY found a rear window latch in one piece. And who mentioned they need a 2 pipe intake filter housing?
  15. Skulptr

    from low and slow to high and mighty

    i've run bfg a/t and bfg a/t ko and i will never look back. i love them. never been stuck, tread cleans really easy, they run GREAT at 10-15psi offroad. so far i have gotten the set of 31x10.5 that i used to run for free, and i also got the 33x10.5 i currently run, for free. if you go above a 31" tire, i would recommend you go bigger than a 15" rim, less rubber to turn, which in turn helps your fuel and power economy. one tire i STRONGLY recommend NOONE EVER use, Yokohama Geolander AT/S. i had them before my bfgs, spent 900 on the set new, and they only lasted a year! they had NO grip in snow or ice, forget about touching mud, and they have a fairly THIN sidewall. all of this is coming from experience. i would use them as my highway tire to get to the offroad meets, then put my bfg's on when i got there. they are only good for dry to moderately rainy pavement. and barely at that.

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