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Where can i buy touch up paint


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There are auto paint stores. Do not confuse them with auto parts stores, although you can get auto paint at many auto parts stores. Mose auto part stores that also sell paint get it from an auto paint store, and by going to the part store, you generally have to pay an additional layer of markup.


For you Portland, Oregon Ratsun people, here are three I have done business with.


Quality Paint/Rainbow Finishes

410 Molalla Ave.

Oregon City, OR 97045

(503) 655-2531



Automotive Paint Specialties

9353 S.E. Anlasa Dr, Suite 3

Clackamas Or, 97015

(503) 722-2827



Industrial Finishes & Systems

5341 S.E. Mcloughlin Blvd.

Portland, OR. 97202

(503) 234-9795


Many auto paint store also sell miscellaneous small clips, do dads, and things used to hold door panels, auto body parts, and interior parts on and in cars.

You may run into a hassle trying to buy paint at some paint stores. They mainly cater to body shops, and collision repair centers, where the person knows exactly what they want. They generally do not like selling paint to the general public, and there may be a lot of restrictions on the type of paint you can buy, due to environmental restrictions.


I have taken some auto body classes at Clackamas Community College, in Oregon City. Not only do they offer classes for people looking to start a career, the automotive department at the college also has some specialty classes for the hobbyist. Some specialty classes at CCC are Auto Restoration, Basic Automotive Pinstriping, Custom Painting Fundamentals, Street Rod Construction, High Performance Engines. Sometimes you can also get into one of the career oriented classes, if there is room.


Back to your touch up paint question. First try the friendly local Nissan dealer. Many times Auto manufacturers recycle paint formulas for the newer cars. If your local dealer has a body shop, it cannot hurt to ask the person in charge of the body shop about getting touchup paint for your car.


Almost every color of paint is custom made. The paint store will start with a base, and if you have a paint code, they have charts of how much of different colors of pigment to add to the base. On some colors of paint, they are literally adding drops of pigment to quarts or gallons of base. If you buy touch up paint for your car, do not be surprised if you need to buy at least a quart.

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