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Front suspension...


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The guy who told me has a suspension shop I took my truck to get an alightment and he owns a 620 and he used hardbody spindles but he wasn't able to tell ne if I could use those on my 720, but he told me that lol trick with the balljoints would work am just wondering if any one else knew bout it, I just don't have the money to do any type of air ride yet but am definitely tired of the bouncy ride I have...

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Flipping 720 balljoints? take a look at them:





give me an idea on what to do to my suspension for it not to be so bouncy... torsions cranked all the way up front


For the front, make sure you have a good set of shocks (like Nissan replacments). But lowering it this way reduces suspension travel, so it's not going to handle bumps well.

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the ball joint pictured can sometime be swapped the the upper side of the lca like i did in my mazda.. didnt change the direction of ball joint just changed the mounting point....works ok but truck is bagged with pie cut lower control arms too though.. i would search for a set of used spindles that truck had twocompanys make dropped spindles for it .. chassis tech and i think djm...that would be the best route.... on another static drop truck i had i cut the bump stop mount off frame and moved it up....as well as trimmed the bump stop......as for the rear if the 720 is the same as the d21 then cut the front spring perch in half re drill leaf spring hiole for a free three inch drop...plus it wont feel like your ripping the rear of the truck off if u scrape...

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