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1200 and misc parts

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First on the list is my old dash pad. I bought a new one (yes they are still available) and was saving this one but thought it is better than most I have seen. It is not perfect, has one big crack in the middle and some smaller ones at the edge as seen in the second picture. I really don't want to store this anymore, if anyone is interested please let me know 10 bucks plus shipping or make an offer.





Next is a couple odd electrical parts.


Used 1200 fuse box 5 plus shipping

SOLD Used lighted headlight switch 10 plus shipping SOLD

SOLD Used unlighted headlight switch 5 plus shipping SOLD

Used balast resistor 5 plus shipping




SOLD Used Gauge panel for 1200 20 plus shipping SOLD

New windshield washer bottle and pump (B210?) 20 plus shipping




Noltec bushings. I think they are out of business. These are new of course.

1200 rear spring eye bushings 10 plus shipping

1200 (others too?) Lower control arm bushings 20 plus shipping

1200 (others too?) Idler arm bushings 20 plus shipping




Also have a used A-12 distributor (points type) I think it might fit all A series, not sure though.

10 plus shipping. Don't have a picture, if interested I can send one.


I will only charge what it costs to post in flat rate boxes which would be the small box for most. The dash pad obviously is too big so will have to get a quote.



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Kelly, I may be interested in the bushings you have, but not until after the 1st of the year. So if you still have em then, I'll take em.



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Thanks. Glad the carby worked good. Was good on mine, just wanted a electric choke up here in Utah.


Kelly1 (Kelmo),


You have first crack on the bushes. Found me a windshield BTW. Sitting in Tucson waiting for me to come visit my inlaws.




PM'ed back


Thanks guys

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Safety inspection? What is that?


They check the lights brake pads and a whole list of "safety" items. One of which is cracks in the windshield. Can't have one any longer than the width of a dollar bill. My car has had a crack top to bottom since I bought it. AZ didn't care. Found a windshield on fleabay from Prosource glass. They didn't have one in Utah, so instead of trying to get one shipped found one in a warehouse in Tucson where my parents and inlaws live. Now I just need to og visit and haul it back.

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