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found this 510 today FS

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yeah that things been on ebay for a while... nice car, seems a little pricey to me


I guess that depends on who you ask.


If I really wanted a bone stocker with super low miles, I would be putting the $10-15K price tag as "acceptable" with a little haggle room above and below.


Original paint, zero damage, zero rust, perfect everything, runs like a champ, one owner, clean title, garaged life, well maintained, in 100% mint condition? What would be the price tag on that?


Hell, what if it was one of the original T/A packages all decked out with factory working A/C, factory tinted windows, rear window defroster, passenger side mirror, L18? How about a SSS? What would the price tag be 'then'?


/shakes head.


I agree with Phil, Art's 510 - even though it's been repainted - is the cleanest stock 510 I've ever seen or heard of. I would even compare it to Ms. Dottie, another super clean 510 (whatever happened to Ms. Dottie, anyways???)


Both would be museum-worthy specimens, either way. And some things you can't replace with jo-blow's down the street, and in 20 years they could be 5x more valuable. Look how much a 510 will fetch now compared to when new???

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Yah i love arts car so much more than this one. While this one is clean, at least the pics dont even make it compare to arts....well now my dads car since i get to see it sitting in my dads shop all the time. Reason arts was repainted is because he actualy drove his to shows instead of letting it sit in a garage somewhere, thats the real way to have a show car. You dont trailer it, you drive it.






Plus, the blue is way more sexy than orange any day.


As to 510 prices, that orange is worth about 7-8k. I still dont beleive dimes should cost more than 10k half the time, but they are getting older. SO many think theyre shit box's with just a ka or sr under the hood makes their dime worth around 15-20k, no it doesnt, If you have a rusty pile with a sr, u got about a 6k car, not a 15k car. I agree with some prices, but most prices i see are people who have no true idea on datsuns, they just built them and got tired of them because they get tired of driving a older car every day. Ive seen people try to sell 4 doors that are a poc compared to mine that just needs paint, ive seen people want like 8k, and i look at mine and think hmm. I only wanted 4-5 when i was selling her due to hard times, and i even thought that was pushing it on price. Yes it is nice having our cars be worth more, but when vehicle prices go up, so do parts and everything. Luckily i dont need any parts :) for my 510 anyway.

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