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steering linkage?

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I don't think anybody sells a "kit" with all the tie rods, drag links, idler arm and ball joints in one package. The cheapest would be to order the individual parts from RockAuto.



> front steering kit


Or are you asking about converting the steering from rear steer to front steer???

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

There is a difference in ball joints for some early(cant remember off the top of my head what yrs tho)confirm with moog imo..

As to trusting,moog is one of the better suspension parts suppliers.So yes I would,but thats me..

I read the reviews and one person said they hgot a jobber(crap) part with their kit,Look into the fact they are supplying all moog

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

68/69 model years had not only different ball joints (12mm opposed to 14mm that were introduced in 1970), but the tie rods and sleeves were also changed from an M12 to M14 thread making all these parts unique.


Found it,so I would check with Moog.I do know they make the early parts,so that said would think they would supply for application..

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as far as i know. and ive searched. the 68-69 tie rods got superseded to the later bigger stronger style. win win. the only ball joints that ive found available are the k9011 the 70-73. so the op will need the 70-73 knuckles. inner tie rods are different on 68s. they are straight not angled. engineers refined the whole front end geometry through out the years

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got photos?? was it all MOOG stuff or different mish mash vendors?


reason I ask is someone posted this in reply to my question/status... "

they ALWAYS repackage. you pay for moog and get the cheap shit in a moog box and its not even a matching set"


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