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oregondimes 510

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lol couldnt even find my own thread :-( i been driving it since tuesday, the performance is sweet. stock shifter, stage 2 clutch with a nismo sr slave cylinder and a brand new clutch master make it shift smoooooth! the only thing bad about it is the wiring job needs major cleanup, and now i want both wheels spinning.. no front sway bar yet, but i turned up the shocks to #4 click and it handles well, havent gone nuts with it yet though... went with 2 1/4 and a straight through ebay muffler, cost me less than $200 total :) theres a couple rattles, one from the timing chain guides, so when i move to the army barracks in a couple months ill buy another motor and build it up with cams ecu and the usual, possibly a t25. i love above 3800rpms, i smile everytime. got the dave carroll trans member, and the nissan insulator, professionally shortened and balanced driveshaft. enuff of me ramblin onto the pics!!!










and i had some down time so i por-15'd the floorboards :-D


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I have 2 questions....


#1 what is that round thing on the fire wall to the right of the fuse block?


#2 Well I saw these pics on the 510realm but I didn't notice till now that the rear wheel looks flat and the front one looks polished, or is it just the lighting?

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good eye ice! the wheels are indeed flat and shiny, havent washed the car since i started and finished the swap, took the front wheels off so many times they lost their dusty finish :) that round thing, till i find a better place to put it is the compressor for my air horns :-D


yup thats a `91 240sx ka in there, all stock for now, night and day between the old L20 and this..

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