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Looking for 710 strut info

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I believe its the same as a 510... just the spindle and brake caliper mount is different... I think, The strut tube should be the same I would have to look at the 710 race car at Troys to be sure

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Guest jaimesix

I believe the 510,610 and 710 use the same front sway bar . The 710 and 610 use different center brackets/mounting.

The side links are the same, but the center brackets in the 510 are independent from the tension rob brackets ( as in a B210.)

The 610 and 710 ( I own both cars , no 510 though ) have center brackets that bolt under the tension rob bracket ( one of said bracket side does.)

Aside from that issue, all three cars have identical front sway bars ( and FRONT suspension alltogether.)

The 610 and 510 share IRS rear suspension as well. The 710 ( in the US ) has rear leaf sprung suspension.

I will double check. But I am 95% sure of this.

ADDCO has sway bars for all three cars.



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I have a 280 ZX front sway bar of off a 79, would that bolt up to the 710? Is it much stiffer than the stock 710? If it is that will save me some money on the front end.


The front track is different between a '10' series car (i.e. 510, 610, 710) and a Z car, something like 3/4 of an inch on each side. That is why the front track changes when we add 280ZX struts for the vented discs. Now, with that in mind, I would *think* that the 280ZX front sway bar dimensions would be different from a 710. If there are any Z people out there that could shed some light, please do so.

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