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compression check


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just while i was at it I decided to do a compression check on my L20B.... plugs 1, 3, and 4 were all 170... plug 2 was 155.... should I have any concern? Its within the 30% my manual says it should be, just seemed off that 3 out of 4 matched, and one was off... it was the one that the spark plug looked brand new in too, the others didnt look bad, just like they were used.

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sounds pretty typical for a datto motor to me. But like DTP said, do your adjustments and double check! ^^^ An over tight valve will cause a lower compression on that cylinder. Even though, that's probably not related, it never hurts to do it.

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doesnt overheat at all. I am loosing a little coolent, not much, but I think that was from it leaking where the thermostat housing and the upper water inlet met, I changed the whole housing and put all new gaskets on and hoping that fixed everything.


Ill check the valves this weekend. I tried doing it last weekend but I am used to pushrod motors so I didnt know you checked it at the lobes of the cam, Like I said good thing I knew something was off and put it all back together before adjusting anything ;)

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