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Funny story: I was riding with my friend up in the 'couve last night. We were in his Integra, and had just bought a shit-ton of 620 parts offa CL guy. I mean we stuffed all kinda shit in there, it was hella full. A Vancouver cop pulls us over, he's getting all crazy on us, checking the VIN and being a dick. He's all like Is this a re-done car? It comes back as an Acura, why does it say Honda on the back? He's gettin all fired up, thinkin he caught us red-handed like chopping up some stolen car or something. And he wasn't sure what to think of us squeezed in there like sardines amongst all those Datto parts. We're like: It IS a Honda... He let us go, despite bad license, and no proof of insurance, or registration. The Datto parts are now safely strewn about the floor of my garage :D



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