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  1. jon521

    280zx clutch disengagement issues

    I also considered the wrong TO collar but it released about halfway but for about a month before I noticed it getting lower. Figured if it was mechanical, I would've had problems from the start
  2. jon521

    280zx clutch disengagement issues

    Awesome thanks guys. Currently I'm running 521 master, 620 slave. figured it didn't matter because it's all self-adjusting hydraulic but I definitely could be wrong. I'll look into seeing if I can fit a ZX master on, and getting a good quality ZX slave on there asap. One thing that makes me think it is a hydraulic issue is because I will adjust the pedal so that it releases higher and it works for only for a short period of driving (maybe half a day to a days worth) before it's at the bottom again.
  3. Been awhile since I've posted! Recently I put a 280zx close ratio 5 speed in my 521 (L20b) with a brand new clutch, flywheel, TO bearing/collar, clutch fork, slave, and master cylinder. Ive had it in for about 2 months now and everything was fine. Within the past week I've noticed it was engaging/disengaging lower and lower. So the other day I tossed on anther slave I had, bled about 4-5 reservoirs worth of fluid threw, and it seemed to be better for about 30 mins of driving, but now it's progressively getting worse, now it's hard to put into first gear (sometimes won't) and shifts hard into 2nd. And randomly will work ok but still engages very low on the pedal throw. Fluid level is fine, fluid is clean. I was told it could be an internal leak/bypass, but the master is maybe 3 months old and the slave I put on 2 days ago. I'm stumped, everything has been replaced so that means I either got shitty parts from car quest, or I did something wrong. Any ideas on what it might be? Thanks, Jon
  4. jon521

    Blue Lake Show 2013

    Is anyone from the south meeting up?
  5. jon521

    Blue Lake Show 2013

    anyone have plans for southerns meet up places? wilsonville again?
  6. jon521

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    IF anyone wants to roll to Portland for the Red Door Meet after Canby on Sunday, a few of us are rolling there, hopefully get a nice and thick with Datsuns :) here's the thread: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/52168-red-door-meet/page-9 and here's the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reddoorsmeet/
  7. jon521

    Red Door Meet

    Hell ya :)
  8. jon521

    Red Door Meet

    i made it there last night, first time there, seems pretty legit. i like the location. i wasnt in my 521 or my 620 this time :( but i was thinking about seeing if anyone would be down to cruise there next sunday after canby??
  9. jon521

    521 Resurection

  10. jon521

    Post Your 521.

    ive noticed that before on my truck, as if the cab is just a just barely 1/4in lower than the bed those are chevy rally wheels, 15x8 or 8.5, they are just stock chevy steel wheels, fairly easy to find
  11. jon521

    Red Door Meet

    Thinking about rollin up there sometime. not next weekend tho, got another meet to go to! https://www.facebook.com/events/505129859554267/
  12. jon521


    Thanks! yep!
  13. im thinkin the 22nd of june?
  14. We still plannin on the the 20th?

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