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Window Trim Install


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I am trying to find out the best way to do this. From what i have heard and researched is to use the rope/twine/line method


now my question is should i use any type of lubrication on the edge of the metal part to help with install?


and the next question, should i use any type of sealant? and if so what kind. I am in san diego and have plenty of sun. i don't think a hardening sealer would be best?


and is it best to start at the top or bottom?


Thanks guys



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Start by putting the windshield in the new seal. Then put your small diameter rope around the seal with the ends ( I SAY ENDS BUT YOU WANT A TALE AT THE ENDS TO GRAB ONTO) meeting at the bottom of the windshield in the middle. Now set your assembley onto the lip. (MAKE SURE YOUR TALES ARE ON THE INSIDE OF THE CAB)As your helper applies light pressure to the outside of the windshield you start pulling the rope toward the inside of the vehicle. BE CAREFULL AT THE CORNERS!!! Just enough pressure to make the seal come to the inside of the cab. You should try to end with both "ends" of the rope meeting in the middle at the top.

A little windex or something of the like to help the new seal slide along is all that is needed.


Good luck.


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Well The FSM for the '78 620 says Use clean weather strip without cracks or deterioration. Mating surface must be clean and free of rough edges and corrosion. install weatherstripping on glass. Insert a draw cord completely around the inner lip with ends overlapping at top center.


It doesn't say to use anything but I would lube with liquid dish soap in water in a squirt bottle... spray as needed.


Using at least two people, press assy. against body opening from outside while being sure lip aligns with the body flange. Slowly pull cords from inside top center, to pull weatherstrip lip over body opening flange, and working towards the right and left sides. This should be done while someone pushes glass against body opening from outside. The same technique should be used on the right and left side down to the bottom corners and then along the bottom.



I did this but started with cords at the bottom, lifted the glass into position and getting the lip over the flange across most of the way. The weight of the glass helps with this too. I carefully worked the bottom corners on and pressed and 'massaged' it into place pulling the cord ends across the top. And done! TAKE YOUR TIME! I had several dull table knives to lift the lip. The glass will flex.... but only so far. Spray soapy water as needed, don't force it, and don't tear the rubber. I did it by myself so I didn't have to yell at anyone.


Tip: do on a sunny hot afternoon when the rubber will flex most without tearing.

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sunny afternoon, have plenty of those. and i will have at least one other person helping me. thanks for the help.


now what about after its all installed? did you put in any sealant? and if so what kind and did it work. i am pretty sure i don't want silocone due to the fact that i still need to paint my truck?


Thanks again guys

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I talked to an auto glass repair guy and he gave me a tube of black urethane 'goo' free. Maybe he was pissed at his boss? I just trimmed the end and pushed under the outer lip, and using a caulking gun, and ran a small bead around the outside. Then pressed down on it to spread it out underneath. Anything that pressed out I removed with a cloth, but try not to pinch it out that far. DO NOT get that shit on you!!! It's worse than any grease and can't be rubbed off.... it just keeps smearing and spreading. Seems to work OK. Never use silicone, it's not made for this and isn't UV resistant.

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