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Paint prices?

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I was just wondering if anyone else out there who has, or is planning to paint their rat the factory color has ever priced paint? I got a price on Datsun color code 103 (True Blue) yesterday. The price I was quoted $42/qt whether it's a bc/cc, or single stage paint... I don't think I'm going to be doing the bc/cc option, just gonna rock the single stage. Seems to me that the single stage paints aren't quite as "wet/shiny" looking as bc/cc, and I don't want the "wet/shiny" look for any of my datsuns.


Hopefully I will have the money for the primers and stuff around the end of the month, have the body work done by the end of next month and ready for paint.


I was thinking the paint might actually be a little cheaper, considering it's a pretty basic color, without metallics or anything in it. What are some of the prices you guys were quoted for factory colors if there are any of you out there? I know Fineline comes to mind with his red 620?

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I went to the closest place that carried PPG. It's expensive but that is what I have always used. I got to be friendly with the counter people at both locations of Industrial Finishes. Sometimes they have products in stock in one store and not in the other, so they can use the computer to tell me what is up.


Most of the time the counter guys will not take the time to explain to novices how the different systems work, they assume that they are selling this stuff to professionals that already know what they want. I tried to read as much as I could in books and on line searches, so I could ask intelligent questions. Once I got to know them, I tried to drain their brains of paint knowledge. They were very helpful in helping me figure out how to go about doing what I wanted to do. I learned a lot.


PPG has a line of paint that is a third the price of the high end PPG stuff like Imron and Deltron. It is called OMNI.


I used Deltron base coat/clear coat because I shot it in a cold, dirty dark garage. You really need to have good conditions to shoot two part Acrylic Urethanes. The bummer is that they take a long tome to dry to tack and twelve hours or more to recoat. You need at least two coats of two part (three is better) over your epoxy primer and/or primer surfacers. In the time it takes to dry all kinds of stuff can happen. The Deltron system dries so fast that once you apply the primer you have a 12 hour time window to apply the color and clear coats.


The BC/CC systems flash off in minutes and dry to sand of recoat in fifteen minutes. You can fix any sags, runs or other problems right away. It was much easier to use that system even though it cost more for material. The OMNI two part epoxy primer seemed like some good stuff. I just used it to paint over my chrome bumper. $25 a quart w/hardener. I liked the OMNI two part urethane. The first coat is like spraying water so you have to try to apply the least amount possible and hit the next two coats in full wet coats. I wouldn't consider painting unless it was at least seventy degrees. It took four days to apply three coats of the two part urethane. Takes forever to dry even at seventy.

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