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72 4door 510 project in Atlanta


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picked up this 72 4 door in GA. Hard to get a good shape 510 down here, and I lucked out on one with a good body. Car doesn't have a motor yet, but plans are to have it running in time for Nopi this year (i am praying!)


Has Kontrolle Springs and some sort of shocks/inserts who knows, swaybars.


New rota RBs come tomorrow so will get those on. My 13s right now are for sale. 13x7


So far have engine bay done, trunk is partially done waiting for another coat. sanded all the surface rust out of the trunk. The floors in the car look great for a Georgia car it is almost unheard of to have no rot .


Just a little surface rust in some hard to reach places, but mostly i just need to sand it off.


let me know what you think is best way to deal with hood, underside is dirty i was just going to sand it and paint with high temp paint or something but dunno.







it's getting honda element orange pearl paint and sr20det swap hopefully when money comes around :)

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can't decide if i want to coat the interior floor with some sort of bedliner/sound deadener stuff or just leave it like it is and put down some sort of thick sound deadening carpet

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Looks like a mighty fine start!


I hate seeing cars that are in better shape than mine :fu:


had to have a better start than my 280z. Although my first 280z was in good a shape and had rb20det I had to sell it. 2nd one was more meh

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