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Japan N-14 nissan V8 war motor

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Hello every one. Just bought a N-14 nissan motor in japan. Its a 1978 V-8. Only #1 of 4 built for the army, 544 cubic inch steel crank solid camshaft titanium heads this is a monster with only 5 original hours on it. It only puts out 145 horse power but the torq is huge. Doesnt run its missing the starter, the dual carbs, dist, waterpump, and one head is craked. They dont make any parts for these. Can any body help?

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...its missing the starter, the dual carbs, dist, waterpump, and one head is craked. They dont make any parts for these. Can any body help?


I think you answered your own question?


Post some PICS!! then maybe we could help :D

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War motors? Stick with good old made in the US... (and you thought ford made it's first DOHC back in the sixties??)








"It's a Ford GAA tank engine in a 1970 Mustang. All aluminum 1100 cubic inch V8 used in WWII Sherman Tanks. Rated at 500 HP and 1050 Ft. Lbs. of torque for military service, but are capable of much much more using mostly stock parts. They feature a 60 degree vee, 5.4 bore x 6.0 stroke, 180 degree factory billet cranks, pent roof combustion chambers, shaft driven DOHC's, 4 valves per cylinder, and dual mags. The guy had a custom made adapter and flexplate made so he could bolt up a heavily modified Powerglide trans behind it. He's also got a dual 6-71 blower setup that bolts end to end to top it off, or 2, 103mm turbos go to on it which should be good for about 32-34 pounds of boost, he says. Right now though it's Enderle injected, 2 nozzles per cyl, 2 Impco 3.80'' throttle bodies. Oh, the engine weighs about 950lbs, add 150lbs to that if he uses the twin 6-71 blower set-up."

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