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521 gas tank gauge & float


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I recently bought one of the ones listed on ebay like this :




I got it the other day and it won't fit in my tank. It's rolled at the edges and it's too tall for the lock ring to work. The seller wants me to grind them down but before I go through the trouble I wanted to see if this even looks right. To me the angles of the bar and float don't look correct but I've never had an original one. I just held it up and moved the lever and it didn't seem to register correctly on my gauge.


Does this look correct for the 521?

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I looked at several of his auctions- the list of vehicles most of his parts "fit" are highly incorrect.


The fuel sender is one that fits the 520/521 Utility, which was actually the "Double Pickup" that had a unibody bed and a tank in a different location with a different design. It actually says right on the ad it doesn't fit the truck. The fact that it fits sedans means it'd too deep for a truck underbed tank. These are for Mexican (and Central America) market vehicles that we didn't get here in the States, for the most part.

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i think you got the same thing i did. does your original have holes and this new one doesnt?.....


the one i bought:



this is the one off my truck:




i have a 320 but that no longer means anthing because my truck was put together like a 520.



You still have a 320 gas tank though, as that is a 320 sender, and the new one looks to be for a 521

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Have two 521 Datsun pickups needing fuel sending units. The top of the OEM units have a fuel return neck. Currently have not found a source for these. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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