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L Series 521 Alternator options


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What are guys with L powered 521's using for alternators, other than stock. I do not want to run the stock alternator. It appears on my truck that the stock one is all that will physically fit without massive idler arm interference problems.


I'm looking at relocating it to the driver side of the engine to run something with more output.


Anyone running a ZX alternator on a 521?

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I ground down the idler arm so my Nissan 50amper could fit in there.

I tried to find a smaller belt but really didnt find a good substitute.

Since its a L16 I used a L16 small hole mount and bored it out to 3/8 bolt thru the mount.Since the 50amper use a bigger bolts .


this is also common on the 620s also


I think datsun Mike said there is another type of lower mount thats closer to the block.


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I'm wondering if there is enough room to slot the block mount holes vertically.


I've seen a few slotted horizontally to allow the alternator to move fwd or back to line up with the ZX fan pulley swap.

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