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CA: 240Z, RB, & Turbo parts

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I have been holding onto these for the next 510 or pickup that I wanted to do, but its time to let this stuff go.


-Twm, mikuni, deltoro, Weber 45/44mm velocity stacks set of 6. These will not clear the STD k&n filters. $111 shipped SOLD


-1": aluminum lowering blocks wagon only $10


-1.5" aluminum lowering blocks wagon only$0 SOLD


-70-73Blue Bird OE turn signals front $65 SOLD


-280zx 5spd drive shaft custom length for 2 or 4 door 510 with grease zircs $50 Sold


-Sun visors light tan $15pair


-R16 long block. turns over. It was pulled running 3-4 years ago. Lives in my shed until I tare it down and recycle it or someone buys it. SOLD $70


-Greddy STYLE Type S BOV $30


-Gt25 T28 Turbo from vg33et good working order. This was not a usdm motor or a hybrid. Factory Turbo. It is very similar to my stock rb25 turbo. 40k miles or so from what I remember. 175 SOLD

-Ld28 heavy duty glow plug bus rail $40 SOLD

-Ld28 harmonic balancer $75+ shipping

-Ld28 glow plug relay solenoid $15


-510 head lights with BMW projectors $SOLD


-510 pneumatic Hood prop struts $SOLD


-720/620 stock steering wheel in very good shape. Says datsun on it. Used it in my 510 $50


-Holset HX35W turbos

One with 76k miles and the other with 124k miles. Both came off of running Cummings diesels. Both were replaced with sequential systems not because of problems.

I have other 5.9l parts to. Looking for $200 each for these plus shipping. They come with steel braided oil lines.SOLD


-280zx Turbo downpipe $40 and known good cat $100 from 83 model


-fairlady z front turn signals I don't want to sell. They have new lenses and gaskets on old 76 housings in good shape. I'm not sure what they go for so I'm going to put a number out and hopefully its not ridiculous. $165 SOLD


-APEXi Pen style Turbo timer grey. It can monitor Voltage and O2 air/fuel ratio. Its in good used shape. I have the box and instructions.

Im including the 3 pin harness connector for universal connection(which this unit does not come with out of the box new)$45


-Autometer 6175 AFR gauge. Its used but in good working condition. It was pulled out of my own vehicle as well. It comes with the box and instructions.$50


-OE Nissan intank 248LPH fuel pump Used but working shape. Comes with sending unit and tank drop in case. Not sure what all the tank case fits, but it was originally out of a 94 Q45. $50


-RB25det Turbo Charger: Nylon compressor, ceramic turbine, journal bearing, complete with lines, has elbows as well. Has a broken stud in the exhaust elbow $175 firm


-R180 welded diff 4:11 gear set with 2 pairs of axles, transverse link, front mount, and mustache bar. WTT for R200 mounting parts(front mount, mustache bar, transverse link, axles and diffy).


-E31 Cylinder head(6cyl). Bare head checked for cracks and cleaned. This head dropped valves. Expect to replace guides, and recut seats. This head doesnt come with valvetrain other than cam towers. $95 OBO


-Mikuni Side Draft Carbs Triples, 3 Solex Mikuni PPH 40 carbs only. Carbs have been jetted for a L24 Datsun engine. I replaced them with 45mm Webers. All three carbs have been gone through and many of the jets, air correctors, and nozzles have been replaced which wasnt cheap. Asking $675 Or Best Offer.


-KYB GR2 Excel-G Shocks Datsun 240z & 260Z all 4 new in the boxes. 361001 Fronts, 361002 Rears $185 for complete set.


-JDM Sport R33 Intercooler kit pipes, couplers, and big intercooler $175


-EMUSA cat-delete test pipe NEW $50


240Z stuff


-Front calipers $45 pair

-1 zcar center console for 70-71 Datsun 240Z center console. Its the original fiberglass one. Has elongating holes from an arm rest hinge on the back. Automatic shifter plate intact! no ash tray/fuse box cover Im asking $30obo

-driver side Datsun S30 Z dog leg new Tabco part $40 firm

-stock valve covers X3 $10 ea

-240-280z front caliper rebuild kit qty. 2 $5 ea.

-NIB NSK 3020510 & Federal Mogul 01576 Throw Out Bearings for clutch arm $15 ea

-Grant Piston Rings miss-boxed sets I bought should have been 86mm. They measure out to be 85.5mm rings. These are "plain"/or OE rings.These will fit: L16, L24, L26 if bored from 83mm OE bore, or L18, L20B, and Z20S have 85mm stock bore. I have 2 sets of 6. Can be broken into 3 sets of 4 $40 a set

-L28 79mm stroke rotating assembly. Pistons, rods, and crank $100

-Stock Original 240Z wheels X6 with good tires X4 $275

-Carter Fuel Pump for carbs $20

-SU Air Cleaner and filter $20

Early SU E46 intake manifold media blasted $30

-Door handles $30-40 a pair

-rack n pinion with steering arms $45

-cross member X2 $20 ea

-interior plastics $15 ea

-driver 1/4 windows $15

-windshield $65

-260Z/280Z Brake master cylinder with PV and RV attached re-furbished all three units have been using them for 6months on my 260Z $50

-Driver window regulator $15

-inner door handle trim $10 set

-stainless window trims $20 set front or rear or $5 for the corners

-maxima vented rotors $35

-70-71 front hubs $40

-240z door skins $15 ea

-tail light bezel 3 piece $25 ea set

-Front valance 3 peice $35 set

-Door arm rest $10 ea

-Front cowls $40 ea

-brake booster $15

-door handles $15 pair

-heater assembly $15

-blower fan $10

-side markers $5 pair

-rear view mirrors $20

-plastic gas recirc container X2 $40

-front calipers loaded in excellent condition $45set

-rear wire harness $15

-Sun Visors $15 ea

Tool kit bags $5 ea

-stock sway bars $10

-E-brake handle $15

-TC rods $15 pair

-washer bottle $15

-240z 70-72 steering column plastic cover $25

-fender inspection lids $20 pair

-74 260Z fuel tank with 248LPH intank fuel pump. No leaks. came out running and was replaced by 75 FI tank with Bosche 044 unit. $50



text or call 831 402-5387


Shipping is a hassle. I will charge a small handling fee for the 30 min of driving that is required and do not expect me to send the parts off ASAP. I will likely wait until I have several packages to take at once. Be forewarned. And thanks in advance to those that understand. Its not practical to drive a 99 F250 Diesel long bed to the post office, but thats all I have right now. Hopefully your purchase gets one of my 3 Datsuns back on the road!



Pickup is PREFERRED! I am located in Prunedale Ca. 93907 AKA North Salinas in the Monterey Bay Area. Im just off US101 and San Miguel Cyn Rd.


I do have other Datsun parts(mostly 240z), but I am thinning it out quickly. 1952lbs of it just went to A&S Metals. I still have a good amount laying around though so feel free to ask.


Thank You for looking



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can you get me a quote on the driveline, shipped to 79414? I understand your shipping concerns, not a problem. It just may cost a little much for me..


Someone has emailed me about it already. If they dont buy it Ill get a quote when I go to the Post office on monday to ship a bunch of stuff.


are the lowering blocks (1.5") angled?


I'd like to call dibs on them and the 510 pneumatic Hood prop struts




The blocks are not angled.


Email me or txt me for pics


831 402 5387


Hey, did you used to have a black 4dr with welded up rear doors, bubble flares and hood louvres? About 10 years ago? I remember going to Prunedale with a buddy to pick it up. lots of goats hanging around too.


Nope. I just moved here about a year ago. Im from Hollister, but have lived in Sac before here for 2 years.

I had a tan wagon from James aka The510Keeper for several years. I had to thin out the projects though as I needed a truck badly. My truck has been a valuable asset since that time though so it was a good call. Still miss my 510 though. Someday Ill get another.

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And yet, no one has come forward to actually buy them as of yet.

First come basis guys, need cash, cant hold out for anyone.


Hood props and BMW headlamp assemblies are SOLD.



well shit.. I was preparing for the swap meet all weekend.... oh well.

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well shit.. I was preparing for the swap meet all weekend.... oh well.


Sorry Shagy, normally I hold on to stuff for the Datsun folk, but I need my car back ASAP. Im sharing my wifes car to get around until I can get my turbo replaced on my DD. I almost have enough to get this going. Im hoping someone will snatch these turn signals up and Ill be set.




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Next stop is Flea Bay guys.


Im still $126 in the hole on getting my car going and the parts will have to ship from the east coast so once I do sell and get the money to the seller for the parts I need I gotta wait a week or so.


The Velocity stacks, Blue Bird Turn signals, and possibly the Holsets will be going up on ebay.


Lots of interest but no real bites.




DRIVELINE IS SOLD to a fellow Ratsuner

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Bumps meself to the tops. :cool:


Still not back together. Machine Shop says I need more work on my cylinder head. Its gonna put me farther in the hole. Valve job, deck surface, manifold surface, and cleaning totaling me another $325 I dont have.


Help a fellow out, but my parts. lol



I am officially CRASHING the hot rod show in Hollister(95023) tomorrow. A friend that owns a shop on 5th street has opened up their shop to me to bring my car parts down. I will be there from about 9:30/10am(showing starts at 10am) to 4pm. I will not be taking everything with me, HOWEVER, if you request that I take something I will bring it with me.


I will be on 5th St. next door to Mavericks Welding Supplies at Lost Treasures

130 5th Street

Hollister, CA 95023-3926


With my lost treasures... lol

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I need these parts for a 240:


Hood hinge

Front blinkers

Air dam or front valance


I'm sure I'm forgetting some, im in san luis obispo and can pick them up, get back to me if you have any of them and a price. Thanks

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I need these parts for a 240:


Hood hinge

Front blinkers

Air dam or front valance


I'm sure I'm forgetting some, im in san luis obispo and can pick them up, get back to me if you have any of them and a price. Thanks

I have a grill. Its not in good shape, but it is all there and the fins are fairly straight.

I have parts to a valance. The center is in good shape. The outers are in okay shape and will require some work to get them straight.



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hey man i was wondering if you have a engine bay wiring harness for a l16 and how much you were asking for these and i would also need you to ship this to me in canada if possible please respond asap as i am only waiting on the harness to get my car running pm or email at datsun510@hotmail.ca

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