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Looking for these valvestim caps

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I have owned these valvestim caps for many years. I did not keep the packaging so I can not remember, or verify who exactly made them. These were bought almost 30 years ago at Pep Boys. I would like to purchase more. Any of You familiar with them and have a source that sells them? Do any of You have the original packing they were in?








Any help is appreciated. steroid620@yahoo.com

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NOW, for the REAL use on a 620 ! ! !


Old idea We did was to remove Our windshield wipers and place them on the posts. Very clean look protruding out of the cowl!!


Funtana, Choptana and the dually all have these caps on them. Thanks for the help!!

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steroid, been there done that, i have been using them on lil orange(wiper stem covers) from way back...they were originaly made/sold by cal custom, the same guys that made the foot pedals, and the other assorted custom stuff back then, i think i may have a couple of og packs, and yea mark i have that guys catalog, they carry every thing, cats eyes, half moons, etc, and all style of valve stem caps... :cool:

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Custom Chrome sells them, however shipping is expensive. I just got off the phone with a guy. I'll probibly just have to bite the bullet and get 50 or 100 of them and try to sell them reasonable enough to break even.

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