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drop my 720?what do i need to do?

johny F

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so i finnaly decided i want to drop my 81 720 king cab..gf says no.but im just gonna do it anyway.she can learn to live with it..what do i need to buy?do i flip the springs?cut em?adjust my struts?..i just dont want to be dumped on my nuts..i still want to drive smooth.but just drop it like a inch in rear?what do u guys think?..and idk about the front.i know one of u "datsun masters" want to help a newbie perfect his datsun:)



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this thread screams fail


Try reading the FAQ somewhere here on the forum. I will tell you, that there is no flipping involved. Theres two things you adjust, and something you can add to make it moar lower... Search for a while, its in the FAQ

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