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Is my Datsun Rare


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ok im tryin to work out is my 620 one of the rarest ones about,, Its a 72.5 orange, Long wheel base wellside right hand drive, j15, 4 speed, no tacho, no cigerate lighter, no clock , no stereo..... has white interior too. how rare is it? i bet no body has ever seen the same?

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Long Wheelbase? Common except in the US, where most were short. Everywhere else, LWB was the norm.


Wellside? Dunno what that means. Need a pic. If that's not the "Normal" bed, anyone can swap beds, so while it may be unique it's not unusual.


J15? Normal everywhere but the US.


No tach, clock? Both were very rare options, so not having them is normal.


No stereo? In '72 the best you could get in a 620 in the States was an AM Mono radio. And No radio at all was standard. Outside the US, no radio was extremely common.


No lighter? OK, that's odd, but could be normal in a Oceania-Asia market truck.


White interior? I've heard of such. May have been common in Asia, but the normal colors were black, tan, and blue.

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heres some pics il take some interior pics tomrrow its currently 3:11am here.. so yeah...

This is my favorite shot thats edited.. and after i changed the deck. btw wellside means steel deck not flat deck



Here it is when i got it, apart from the wheels




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