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Bad smell in car

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I'm getting a pretty bad burning rubbery type smell in my cab when I first start my truck up and when I shift. I have no idea what it is and doesn't always happen but when it does it is almost always when I shift or when I start the truck up.


I have 2 other transmissions to put into my truck would it be a good time to do so before I get stranded? or is this something can has an easy fix?

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You may have a tear in the shift boot letting in fumes?


Look for holes in the floor or through the firewall into the engine compartment.


Shut off the heater to seal the cab. If it goes away, fumes are getting in through the cowl plenum.

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Oh I have massive leaks all over the car, but the thing is the smell is not constant and it is a very firm burning rubber smell. Would that be normal? If was something that I always smelled that would be one thing but because there is no way to seal my tranny tun atm I'm pretty sure that the smell isn't always there which makes me thing that this smell is not a common occurrence.

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