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Kitsap people?

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So I posted an ad on craigslist just seeing if there were any Datsun addicted people out here, and all I got were emails saying look on Ratsun. Which is pretty obvious.


So that being said, I'm just trying to see who is out here. I just moved out here, and got a house with two driveways, and a two car garage and garage port. Lots of property, and I love to have some BBQs. So if there is any peeps out here that want to start out own little get together, possibly do some drives around the peninsula. I just checked out the areas around Dewatto, gorgeous country side. I'm sure seeing a fleet of Dattys would be something for those people!


Maybe some guys live out here that wouldn't mind lending a hand with me on my truck from time to time too.


I don't post much on here but I read the forums alot, just haven't seen too many guys in this chunk of the sound. A couple 810s and some mid 80's 720s. I drive a 1980 720, with the l20b, though I've just recently gotten the job and place that would allow me to pick up another car, so I've been keeping my eye out for another addition.


My place is in Illahee, off the 303 right between bremerton and silverdale.



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I live in west bremerton and have a 71 510 and another buddy of mine has a 521. I was thinking about going up the the A&W in port orchard this summer for the cruise nights on wed. nights. we can represent the dattos, also i think there is a few guys in port orchard like datdoug, but not too many here in Bremerton.

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Nice! I have a friend that lives like a block from the fairgrounds. Actually my fiance and I were up there house-sitting last winter for a few months.


I'll be up there late summer it looks like, I'll stop by to eat a burger/ help on your project!

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Cruise nights? That sound perfect to me! 510,521,and a 720. We'd just need to get a 620 in the mix and we'd be set.


I've been keeping my eye out for any 510s or 520s and 521s but haven't spotted any. I saw a primer gray Z car the other day.


Some kid out here drives an 810 Woody wagon I see from time to time. I almost chased him down yesterday for the second time.


I only live a couple blocks from the fairgrounds right now. I just signed the lease on my house 2 weeks ago, so I will be there all year atleast. I'm putting a fire pit in the backyard too so there will be all nighters I'm sure.

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Yo Hobbes! Weve rolled up there tom the A&W a couple of times. Its fun rollin in in our Old Skool jap tin & seeing the american car guys glare @ us :P But I thin @ the most we were only 3 strong. A nice 6-10 car caravan would be sweet :thumbup:

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Yo Hobbes! Weve rolled up there tom the A&W a couple of times. Its fun rollin in in our Old Skool jap tin & seeing the american car guys glare @ us :P But I thin @ the most we were only 3 strong. A nice 6-10 car caravan would be sweet :thumbup:


I'm down for an A&W cruise Too! Do you know when they usually start? I don't get down that way to check unless work takes me there. I know my friend with the 521 will come and I have another bud with a 300zx that will probably show too if we set up a date.

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Yeah the A&W cruise sounds fun. If you could get me some info on that'd be sweet.


It would be pretty frickin sweet to show up and have 10+ guys in Dattys show up unannounced. I get tons of looks out here from guys driving huge lifted trucks already, I can only imagine a bunch of us in 4 banging imports would get them going.


I've usually got 2-3 days off a week and I just drive around for the most part, so if we all stayed in touch I'm sure we would be able to make some stuff happen.

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Brodster and I lived in Port Orchard for a year, but moved to Seattle last summer. We still head out there from time to time though since he works in Bremerton and we visit old neighbors out that way. If you guys post up a specific week to do the A&W, we'd probably head out with the 521.

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But also again I'd be interested in maybe having some BBQ meets going on. Seems like there is enough people out here to make it happen. I will let anyone who is interested know whats going on.


And if anyone out here has an extra 32/36 with adapter for an l20b that they want to sell, let me know about that too!

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