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  1. hellamikey

    Reno area meet!

    Hope you guys had fun!! Sorry I couldn't make it, had to move short notice!
  2. hellamikey

    Reno area meet!

    Haven't gotten together in a while, but hey, the weather is nice lately, maybe we should start it up again? It would be nice to see you fools!
  3. hellamikey

    Its Datsun 910 day!!!!!!!!!!

    No, been driving it for about a year now, little less. Its an '84 auto, just hit 150k. Everything works! lol Saving and getting parts ready so I can go in on it in the spring. Cammed f54/n42 l28, headers, 5speed, coilovers ect... Test fitting my new (old) wheels the other day:
  4. hellamikey

    Its Datsun 910 day!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, heeyyyyy....
  5. hellamikey

    Are You Anthing Like the Avatars that you post?

    http://youtu.be/ENnAa7rqtBM ..... :blink:
  6. hellamikey

    10k head on ebay

    Dat valve angle tho... There are 3 or 4 threads on HybridZ about this head. Its cool, but too big if a gamble IMO.
  7. hellamikey

    Reno area meet!

    Deal. Just got the 620 back on the road yesterday. So happy.
  8. hellamikey

    Reno area meet!

    Damn girl. I'm in.
  9. hellamikey

    Thought you might like this

    I want the spec sheet on that motor. 400hp for a N/A L-6 makes me all tingly.
  10. hellamikey

    Anyone trance fans or EDM?

    Tony and Johno from Above and Beyond took a few of my friends and I out to breakfast after a show at Ruby Skye. Tony recognized us from the time they played in Reno. All 3 of them are solid guys. Geeky as fuck, and down to earth.
  11. hellamikey

    FS: MSA ZG flares $170

    Ha, yeah flares are long gone...
  12. hellamikey

    Looking for 3 yes 3 P90 Turbo L28 Heads

    I have one. I'll put some pictures up tomorrow.
  13. hellamikey

    79 620 longbed - $1300 obo in Reno, NV

    Truck Is still available. Janksun, I replied to your PM. Travis Send me a PM with when you'd like to have a look at it. My work schedule is all over the place lately, so if I don't get back to you right away, please don't be offended. I don't have a lot of free-time. Also, its way easier to get ahold of me over PM. Thanks guys.
  14. hellamikey

    79 620 longbed - $1300 obo in Reno, NV

    Pay for the shipping and we can work something out.

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